Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Salad Anyone?

I really don't mean for this to be a recipe blog, but since I spend a great amount of time each day cooking food and cleaning up food, its only natural to blog about it. Right? Plus if you are an Estes you talk about food. And I am not kidding. So, let me talk to you about a salad that Lydia and I came up with. There is a pizza place in town that serves a Greek Salad. We (Lydia and I ) thought it was delicious - we like salads. I thought it was so yummy that I would actually find myself craving the salad dressing. Really. And if you are an Estes (a Steve Estes that is) you think that anything delicious at a restaurant, you can cook it better. And I admit he usually does. So, Lydia and I attemtped to create our verision of a Greek Salad and we think it turned out pretty good. So good, that we fix it a lot and even serve it to company. So here it is: (Please keep in mind that we don't really measure, but for duplicating purposes I will attempt to.) Greek Salad Hearts of Romaine lettuce, chopped (However much you need) Cherry tomatoes (Again, however much you want) 1 peeled and sliced cucumber 1 can black olives 1/2 C Feta cheese thinly sliced purple onion (However much you want) Dressing: 1 C mayo 1/2 C white vinegar 1 T chopped oregano (you can use dried oregano, just reduce the amount to 1 tsp) 2 cloves of garlic minced 1/4 C sugar 1/2 -1 C Feta cheese (amount depending upon how thick you like your dressing) Mix together in a blender and chill until ready to serve. And just in case you might need something to go with the Greek Salad I will try to post a BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe later, if you want. But right now, Ruthie needs me.


Melissa said...

I am so excited to try this. This is my favorite kind of salad - but I never make it cause jeff doesn't love tomatoes and hates olives. I am just going to make it for me and the kids next week anyway! Yum!!!!

clark family said...

Sounds yummy! We'll definitely have to try it. Thanks for sharing.