Saturday, September 6, 2008

She Would Rock!

Abigail has decided to run for freshman VP. So we have been in a scramble to come up with an idea and finish it this weekend. They are only allowed three posters, 20 fliers, and $15 to spend. So, this is what we came up with:
Abigail E.
for VP
She Would Rock!
I know on the picture it say, "She Rocks!" but Abigail was concerned that it sounded a little high and mighty, so we are going to change it to, "She Would Rock!". If you can't tell, we took the images from the ipod ads and used them on everything-posters, flyers, and buttons! Cross your fingers, this is a first for us!


Emily Maude said...

These are SO amazing! I love them!
iPod commercials are my favorite.
Abbey, good luck! You'll do great!

Snow Family said...

Those are the neatest campaign stuff EVER! Good luck Abbey!

clark family said...

Abbey --
Good luck! It looks like you are running a professional campaign! We love the posters and buttons!

Alison said...

What a great idea! We are all loving it and wishing we would have thought of it. I told Haley to save it for next year! Good luck with the election! When is it and do you have to give a speech? We will be anxious to hear!

Elise said...

Good luck!!! Your idea is brilliant! Led us know how it goes!

julie williams said...

Darling come I can't come up with things like that? However, I first need a child that will run for office! I can't get either of my kids to run. Oh well, I have three more to come- we'll see if they're interested!

Miss Bridget!! Liz she is wise beyond her years...which is good and bad. She is potty training herself. She takes her pants and diaper off all by herself - she even washes her hands. I'm not ready for it- with a new baby coming and all (in 10 days) I'm afraid she'll revert back. My mom is giving me a hard time about not encouraging her to continue. OH WELL- I just want to have a baby and then I can think about potty training!!

I read that Ruth signs...that is awesome! Bridget talks non stop- sometimes my kids tell her to be quiet...and I can't say I blame them. She is a chatter box!! Oh the joys of children...what a blessing in our homes!

have a great day!

Amanda said...

Liz I found your blog on Jules blog. I love seeing about your girls and you I loved your 100 things about you. I would love to hear back from you. We have lost touch, I have been in utah 8 times in the past year. I told my husband we will not do that this year, but maybe next time we are up we can get together. Hope all is well.

Elizabeth Clark Estes said...

Amanda! So good to hear from you! Maybe you won't get this message, but I will try to get your email from Julie. My email is I would LOVE to hear from you! Hope you guys are doing great and if you do make it up here it would be great to see you! Keep in touch!