Monday, September 15, 2008

Success & Supermodels

And the winner is . . . . ABIGAIL! Yea! We are very excited and very happy to have it all done with! She will be a great VP
And just for fun is a picture of Lydia. This week is Spirit Week at school and each day is a theme day. Today was "Supermodel Day". Everyone was suppose to dress up as a supermodel, including the boys. (Where do they come up with these ideas?) Here is Lydia's interpretation of a supermodel.


Alison said...

Great job Abbey! We are so excited for you and know you will do an outstanding job! (Abbey and Liz we are putting you on notice as campaign managers for any and all Brown family elections!)

Melissa said...

That is so exciting! What great ideas you guys put together. Looks like they paid off! Congrats!

Elise said...

Awesome, Abbey! That's so cool.

clark family said...

Way to go! You will make a great VP! We loved your campaign!

Also - Lydia, you look like a super model -- like all the girls in the Estes family!