Monday, September 22, 2008

Road Trip

Steve's old car has officially retired. After 16 years on the road and 175,000 miles, it was ready for a rest. Steve found his ideal car - in Sacramento, CA. Abigail was the lucky girl who was able to accompany her dad on the road trip. They flew into Sacramento Friday night, but not before they attended Wasatch's Fall Festival for an hour or two. This is where I was stuck doing my treasurely duties. (Remember: I am the PTO treasurer, because I can't say "no"?) I tried really hard to be a good sport while I was stuck counting money, which wasn't even mine, while they were heading to Cali.

Steve did a lot of this.
And this. They spent a lot of time in the car and decided to take a detour to San Francisco. They ate lunch on the pier. Then headed to Chinatown They saw a lot of strange food. And 5'5" tall Abigail was taller than most people there. According to both, Chinatown was a cultural experienceAnd no stop would be complete without Boudine's sourdough bread. They broght home five loaves to share.


Alison said...

What a fun time for Steve and Abbey! It is such a bummer to be left behind, but opportunities for dad and daughter just one on one are far and few between! Hope the fall festival was successful and you survived your weekend! Loved all the pictures!

clark family said...

What a fun trip - and you got a new car too!

Elise said...

What a blast for them!

I got only a handful of daddy-daughter dates similar to this, and man were they my favorite.