Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am a little bit stressed. A few days ago my camera broke. I am trying to get it fixed, but of course that means I have to ship it far, far away and I won't see it again for at least two weeks. I found my old camera, but I can't get it to charge. So, that means that I won't be taking pictures of:

  • our pumpkin carving
  • all the beautiful leaves that are about to fall in our yard
  • The Halloween Parade at school ( Yes, we still get a way with Halloween parties, and Santa even comes to school at Christmas!)
  • Halloween Night
  • Our Halloween Dinner that has become a tradition
  • the 162 cans of wheat, flour, sugar, and oats I canned at home today
  • And Ruthie's very dirty, sticky face from eating the sugar off the table that spilled as I filled the cans

So, to say the least I am disappointed. Maybe Steve can work a miracle for me. He's good at that. Then tonight I sat down to sew napkins to match my table cloth for the Halloween Dinner. (I know what your thinking - napkins?! Why?! But I really needed a creative outlet and decided to attempt sewing napkins) However, my sewing machine is very old and now broken. Abigail's sewing machine (yes, she has her own and yes she is a much better - I ask her for help. ) is missing the pedal and power cord. Can not find it anywhere! We took it to be serviced a few months ago and haven't used it since. It's possible it could be at the repair shop, but I doubt they will have a clue.) I Don't mean to sound like I am whining, but I suppose I am. Do you think I can make napkins with fabric glue?


Alison said...

I want to come to your Halloween Dinner! I can hardly wait until you get your camera fixed. We can't get enough pictures of the adorable Estes Fam!

Elise said...

You are amazing is all I have to say. I have no idea how you're able to get so much done.

Melissa said...

Oh I hate it when things like that happen. I just lost my cell phone and it's making me crazy. Hang in there you crazy woman who makes napkins! (You know I really love it)