Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Advice

Today was 5th grade Maturation. After "the speech" and cookies, each girl was given a "goodie bag" filled with essential items. Later that day Amy, Abigail, and myself were returning home from having our haircut when Amy began to examine the contents of her "goodie bag". She pulled out the "Kuku Coco Butter"deodorant smelled it, examined it, and commented on its fragrance. It was then that Abbey offered this advice: "Amy," she said. "Only use deodorant under your arms." to which Amy replied, "Why?" With that, Abigail proceeded to tell Amy that when she was in 5th grade she realized that sometimes she was sweaty behind her knees. And sometimes during PE she was sweaty on her back . And sometimes during recess her arms were sweaty . So because deodorant "helps you stop sweating", Abigail came to this conclusion: she would put deodorant all over her body. The result: an itchy rash and an important lesson learned: "only use deodorant under your arms!"


julie williams said...

That is HILLARIOUS!!! Painful I'm sure but a good story to share with a little sister! Hopefully she can laugh about it now!

Elise said...

LOL!! Abbey cracks me up.