Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is it Possible?

Today Eliza got a letter in the mail. It was in a long blue envelope, with a return address I didn't recognize. I thought, " Who could be sending her a letter and why?" Then we opened it up. Eliza was being invited to a Stake Bapism Fireside for all children turning eight years old by December 2009. For a split second I thought that they had made a mistake. Eliza is not turning eight years old! Then my stomach dropped and my heart ached a bit. Yes, she is turning eight, on July 10th!I felt my throat tighten up. Eliza is growing up. Eliza who was my "baby" for almost five years. My sweet, chubby, lovable baby, who would snuggle on command. My baby who didn't fight me when it was time to sleep, but instead would lay her head on my shoulder. I loved every second of it! I had always longed for a really snuggly baby and I got one with Eliza. I am not one to get emotional when my kids go to preschool or kindergarten. They are always so excited to go, so how can I not be excited for them? But thinking of Eliza turning 8 tugged at my heartstrings today. It won't be long before she doesn't need me to hold her. It won't be long before she realizes her mom doesn't know everything. And it won't be long before she's gone. Everyone use to tell me to, "enjoy it while it lasts". I think I get it now.


Snow Family said...

We love Eliza!! All the pictures are darling!

Melissa said...

Oh it is going by way to fast. She is adorable. I love the pictures of your girls. You make cute ones!