Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quick Update

I figured I better post something so people would know we were still alive. We made it home safe from AZ, sans no wrong turns landing us in Wickenberg and no car problems. (Both which happened on the way down.) However, Lydia is still sick. We are going on four days of no school. Not good. But I do believe she is on the mend and I am hoping she will be able to make it tomorrow. She tried to go this morning, but taking a shower wiped out all of her energy. So, this means that I am taking her spot making all of their "stuff" for the Beehive Bazaar. I have been so busy "helping" that everything else has been neglected. I told the girls that they need to give me a large cut of the money they make. Let's just hope things sell or I will be sending you all earrings, pocket mirrors, magnets, rings, and hot chocolate cones for Christmas. My goal is to have enough finished today that I can clear off the dining room table, so we can acually eat dinner there tonight. Wish me luck. I promise to post pictures soon. Although my camera is still gone. . .starting to get worried. . .I will use my old one which means the pics won't be so great.


clark family said...

Glad that you are safely home. We are so sorry that Lydia is still sick. Matthew has been out of school for 3 days -- sounds like he has what Lydia does. I think he feels a little better today!

We miss you! (Thanks for the mirrors -- the YW Presidency loved them!)