Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Flu and a Really Lame Toothfairy

We have the flu going around at our house. It started with Lydia and now Ruthie has it. I started feeling achy Sunday night and have been fighting aches and coughing for a couple of days now. Fortunately, I don't have it as bad as Lydia or Ruthie. Now Steve is starting to cough too. Poor little Ruthie is kinda miserable, I don't get much done, but I get a lot of cuddling time with her since she just wants to be held. And Thursday night Eliza lost her front tooth. She was very excited and left her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Unfortunately, the tooth fairy was really tired that night, forgot about the tooth and fell asleep. So, the next morning I explained to Eliza that sometimes the tooth fairy gets pretty busy and needs an extra night. By that time the tooth was lost, but I reassurred Eliza that she could leave a note and the tooth fairy could find the tooth. So, she left a note Friday night, and the tooth fairy didn't come again! Well while we were at a 6:00am tithing settlement (no, that is not a typo - it was 6:00AM on a Saturday) The tooth fairy realized she had neglected to pick up Eliza's tooth again! So, the tooth fairy quickly went to her bank (aka Steve) got some cash and then enlisted the help of other fairies (aka Abigail). So, upon arrival home Abigail quickly darted out of the car and up to Eliza's room. When we got home I asked Eliza if the tooth fairy had come yet, to which she replied "No." (I was really hoping she hadn't checked yet.) So, I told her I thought she should check again, because sometimes things get lost in your covers. She did and the tooth fairy had finally come! We have a really lame tooth fairy. PS The Beehive Bazaar went great! And the girls are assurred a lot of spending money.


clark family said...

We are so sorry you are all sick! Feel better soon!

Also, a late tooth fairy is better than no tooth fairy, which is usually what happens at our house these days!

julie williams said...

Just for the record...our tooth fairy is the WORST! Once she forget to bring money to Gunner FIVE days in a row! I know...I know I win!! So sorry your family has been sick...but I must say I'm glad to see that Ruthie still takes a binki-so does Bridget and I have no intention of taking it away any time soon! My hope is she won't need it by kindergarten!

Alison said...

I hope you are all feeling better! Just snuggle up together and take lots of meds!