Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Review

A picture of the table before our Halloween Feast, which has become a tradition thanks to Grandma C. Abigail informed me that this was her favorite part of Halloween. We ate Goulash in pumpkin bread bowls, with veggies and dip, plus a warm artichoke dip for the bread from inside the bread bowls, and juice with dry ice. Steve had been out of town until 5:30pm Halloween Night. He got home at 6:30 and we quickly ate so they could be trick or treating by 7:00pm. Oh! and he did get my old camera working for me- see he is good at fixing things! And I did find the pedal and power cord for the sewing machine an hour before dinner. No, I did not get them finished, but I used them anyway! I finished them 2 days after. Oh well!

The girls having fun carving pumpkins. We decided to have a theme for all of our pumpkins. We chose to carve words into them instead of faces.
Unfortunately, Steve was out of town when we carved pumpkins, so no power tools were involved this year. (This was taken last October - and yes he really did use his power tools) An example of our "word pumpkins"
Eliza, who was Little Orphan Annie. She was the easiest one to please in regard to her costume. I said, "Eliza, how about you be Annie for Halloween?" Eliza said, "Sure, I don't care. Who's Annie?" Then I sang. She got it.
Somehow this is the only picture I got of Amy in her pirate costume, which is covered up with her jacket and backpack. All the elementary school children wore their costumes to school so they were ready for the Halloween Parade.
Ruthie's 1st costume for the day, before we left at 8:45am for the Halloween parade at school. The ponytails were gone before we arrived, but I do have proof that I really did try to do her hair. 8:45am is too early to put a Halloween costume on a 2 year old, by 11:00am it was dripping wet (she was trying to help me with dishes) and was dirty as well. It didn't get washed in time for trick or treating.
Ruthie's 2nd Halloween costume for the day.
Lydia was a Greek goddess. We had an impromptu party with a bunch of her friends Halloween Night.
Abigail who kinda dressed up. She didn't like the eyeliner that I helped her put on before school. She thought it was "too much", so she took it off. Then on her way to a party that night she called and said, "Mom! I'm afraid I didn't dress up enough!"
PS Sorry for all the sideway pictures. Too tired to figure out why my computer is not cooperating.


Elise said...

What adorable girls! And what a fun Halloween tradition. I'm gonna need that pumpkin bread recipe for the bread bowls... not to mention the goulash.

julie williams said...

I need to do better at having some good traditions like that. I'm so dead tired right now...I'm just surviving! Looks like you had a great time

clark family said...

Cute costumes on cute girls! Also, loved the pumpkins!