Monday, September 28, 2009

87 Days Until Christmas

Participating in all these boutiques around Utah, we are finding lots of cute things! Here are some of our favortie vendors from the Checkered Umbrella. Its never too early to start shopping for Christmas gifts, right? You can check out their etsy stores and see more of all the great stuff they make.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Five Things

I have been absent from the blogging world for quite some time. So, rather than try to fill everyone in on what has happened the last couple of months, I will instead tell you five new things currently happening at our house. 1. Camp planning has begun. I thought I just finished with camp, however, tomorrow I am going to a Stake YW meeting to discuss and begin planning for 2010. I am not emotionally prepared for this. 2. Steve was called to be a first couselor in the bishopric on BYU campus. The 151st ward to be exact. This means that on top of meetings 5x a week, the girls and I go to church alone, my Sunday chef is gone, and He now has more friends on facebook than I do. 3. Abigail was nominated to be the Sophmore Homecoming Princess. We don't think she won, but thats OK, because now we don't have to buy a new dress for a dance she can't even attend. 4. Lydia made the JV Tennis Team. She practices for 2 hours after school everyday and she has a tan. She isn't sure she likes high school yet. (It has something to do with the fact that she now at the bottom of the food chain.) 5. The girls and I have been very busy with our "button business". We attended the Women's Expo last week and currently have 4 boutiques lined up in the next 6 weeks. Who would have thought I would be making so many buttons. This list was inspired by my niece Elise! Thanks for the inspiration!