Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Dad

Grandpa taking Ruthie to see the stream at a park in Provo Canyon Summer 08'. Ruthie is trying to sign "water" to Grandpa

Today is my dad's birthday. If you don't know my dad, then I believe you have not met one of the great men of this world. Here are five things I love about my dad:

1. My dad is an incredibly hard worker. He is constantly doing and often doing things for other people. He never stops (think Energizer Bunny) He has painted for me, done my dishes, vacuumed, taken out the garbage, babysat, vacuumed, wash my windows, mowed my lawn,repaired things around my house, cleaned my car, ran errands for me, and I believe this was all in one day. I could go on and on and on.

2. My dad is courageous and bold. He is a true missionary. He is never embarassed or timid about sharing the gospel with others, even total strangers. When he traveled a great deal he would always try to keep an extra copy of the Book of Mormon with him. If he had a copy when he left, it was sure to be gone when he returned. I loved to hear his stories he would share when he returned. From those stories I learned to never judge someone by their outward appearance and we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father.

3. My dad is wise. I still like to counsel with my dad and ask his opinions regarding the direction of my life. I trust him. I know that when he gives advice in a certain way and with a certain tone, I need to listen and take note.

4. My dad is loving. I grew up with my dad always saying, "how are my little sweethearts?" He always told us he loved us. He was affectionate and kind - "squeaky kisses and body crushers." I have no recollection of my dad ever critiquing or criticizing my choice of clothes, hairstyle, or makeup - even when there was plenty to criticize. He only complimented. He is the same with my girls now.

5. My dad is generous. He never hesitates to help others and to share. He often shows his generosity anonymously or very quietly. I have often been the recipient of that generosity.

So, Happy Birthday Dad. We love you and we are better people because of you!


holt family said...

You are one lucky girl. We love it when your folks sit behind us in church because you can just feel the spirit oozing off of them.

Alison said...

Ditto...Ditto...Ditto! We are so blessed to have the parents that we do! Thanks for such a perfect post.

Melissa said...

Tell your dad happy birthday from the "monkey". It's been a while since I sent him a banana. Honestly - I am jealous. What a wonderful father you have.

clark family said...

We feel the same and are so blessed that he is our Dad/grandfather! What a great man!